Performance 1001 nights /waiting by ‘the men of Sheherazade’

Poetry and music from very different parts of the world that merge into one whole.
Sheherazade was able to forestall death by stopping her stories with an open ending that would leave the sultan wondering how the story ended.
In 1001n/wait, the artists talk about their place in the world. Mulume Tshitenge accompanies uses athumb piano and balophone to accompany a story he’ve sang in the Tshiluba from the moment he sat in his mother’s womb. Karim Ismael from Syria recites his own poems in Arabic, followed by a translation. Viaene Geert chooses a number of poems about refugees from his collection ‘Tussentij’ (In between) (Publisher P). Together with Karim and Mulume he presents a musical setting on guitar, ud and balophone. The theme of this fascinating performance is the story and the music from 1001 nights in which Sheherazade plays a part.