LIVE EXPLOSION, a live reggae concept.


After a very succesful first edition, we invite the following artists for our second edition:

PURA VIDA: Pura Vida was founded by Bregt “Braitthe” De Boever a.k.a. Puraman in 2006. Puraman is a mutli-instrumentalist and producer who also founded The Lost Ark Studio. The band counts 12 musicians and won the European Reggae Contest Benelux in 2008.

Don’t just expect one genre on this concert, but a combination of many styles. Pura Vida brings roots reggae with influences of dub, ska, blues and soul.

With these hand built speaker boxes they continue to host their own dances and travel around to bring and spread reggae vibrations. They will bring their soundsystem to warm-up the venue before the concert and keep the vibes alive once the concert has ended.

Gus is Bruges-based selector, founder of the Reggae Explosion concept (2015) and co-organiser of this event. On a young age, Gus developed a love for ska and rocksteady, the genres that were alive in Jamaica even before reggae was born. He started collecting vinyl from that moment and apart from his big box full of rocksteady and ska tunes, Gus also has a lot of wonderful roots tunes to spin at the dance. Gus will play alongside Roots Explosion on their soundsystem.