Cada mes el hostal Snuffel organiza un sinnúmero de actividades. Conciertos, performances, conferencias, debates, noches de cine y mucho más. ¡Descúbralo todo aquí!

14/05 Caféconcert Caroline Cotter

New England based troubadour Caroline Cotter released her newest album, Home on the River, in 2018. ”Today's folk scene has a new champion, one who encapsulates the sweetness, serenity and sophistication that has always made the genre so affecting in such a timeless...

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6/6 Songs & Whispers//Hanna Fearns

Cafe-concert ★ 20u00 ★ Ezelstraat 42★ Free donations Coming from a performing family, music came all natural to Hanna Fearns. By 15, she went on to tramp her way through Europe, making a living as a street-musician and wowing the crowd in bars with Joni Mitchell and...

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26/06 Wayne Matthews

Wayne Matthews is bringing his new set 'All Time Low' to the Snuffel Hostel. He is a 20-something Belgian-based Singer/Songwriter. With upbeat rhythms and touching lyrics he creates thrilling musical story-lines based on his day-to-day life. His genre can best be...

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3/07 Klinkende Kroegen @Snuffel

🔆🔆🔆 The sound of Carlamote opens and closes the night. It's familiar beats sets up the right vibe for the time before, between and after any live performance. ➖➖➖➖➖➖ With The Calicos and their atmospheric indie rock as the main act, you'll get a good taste of Humo's...

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