Cada mes el hostal Snuffel organiza un sinnúmero de actividades. Conciertos, performances, conferencias, debates, noches de cine y mucho más. ¡Descúbralo todo aquí!

30/04 Caféconcert -Richie Ros-

Caféconcert - Richie Ros - Free Donations Richie Ros - “Odyssey” Tour Promo The life story of Richie Ros is a testament to the human spirit and to the cathartic healing nature of music. Growing up in a state run orphanage in Limerick city, Ireland, Richie recalls...

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9/05 Maite Louisa // Snuffel Hostel

Maite Louisa The new band around singer Maite Louisa stimulates your senses and seduces your soul with driving synthpop and reminiscing on ukulele. Musician/Band · Gent, Belgium Synthpop with soul, gripping lyrics on seductive melodies and reminiscing with a ukulele....

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13/05 Caféconcert – Ambrazar –

These four artists have built up a broad repertoire of folk music based on their friendship, enthusiasm and love of music. Playing for years in pubs, cafés and concert halls, they are completely attuned to each other. Ambrazar clearly looks for humankind's place in...

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